TALKING WAVES is an independent rock band from West Cork. It was formed on the Sheep's Head Peninsula in 2017 by musicians Joey Weidner (guitars) and Jonathon Russell (vocals). 

Inspired by the Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama and believing that great music can come out of anywhere, They put a tight rhythm section together (fronted by producer/multi-instrumentalist Wayne P. Sheehy), and spent over a year patiently carving their debut album out of the landscape that surrounds the beautiful setting of Ocean Studios. They are now excited to share their work with the world in the summer of 2018.

Joey (left) and Jon (right)

Photograph by Nicholas O Donnell

Jon and Joey are old friends, reunited by their love of music in their West Cork homeland after a series of seemingly random events. In 2015 Joey was living in Berlin with Sion Hill bandmate Nathan Johnson, having signed a five year deal with German label Clouds Hill. However, after a lot of studio time and much soul searching he felt stifled by the label’s micro-management and thought the music was heading in the wrong direction for him. He wanted to follow his own musical path and so, after the release of their debut album 'Elephant', he took the big decision to walk away - amicably - from the project, and returned to West Cork. In the meantime, while living on the West coast of Canada, Jon had been writing and gigging regularly when he had the life changing experience of surviving a near-fatal seaplane crash. It was this close brush with death that brought him back to West Cork to focus on songwriting and take stock of what was important to him.

With a new lease of life, they got to work. Pulling from an upbringing of Blues, old school R&B and 70’s Rock, TALKING WAVES have developed their own groovy alternative rock sound that is strikingly unique. Determined to put the guitar player back in centre stage, Joey pays homage to Jimmy Page, David Gilmour and Nile Rodgers in the studio, while Jon’s warm vocals move between the sincerity of Paul Simon, and the ferociousness of Robert Plant. Their sound has been described as “looking backwards into the future”; After hearing their first single HOLD ON, it’s easy to see why.

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